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Koloni Stockholm is a collection of things for your home, designed with love, happiness and lots of colour by graphic designer Lotta Kühlhorn in co-operation with shop owner Karin Carlbark. The two met in 2006 when Lotta visited Karin’s store and saw her own postcards up for sale. They immediately began working on their first joint project – self stick tile decorations that give bathrooms and kitchens an instant face-lift. Since, they have created coasters, mugs, cutting boards, tea towels, cupboard paper and shelf edging that have made homes more beautiful all over the world. The various objects are often named after the founders loved relatives.

Koloni Stockholm’s mission is clear and simple: To create beautiful things that give your home a warm, slightly nostalgic yet contemporary feel. Like the feeling of sitting in your grandma’s summery kitchen, having a cup of coffee or a glass of lemonade while feeling fantastic.

Koloni Stockholm makes things of lasting quality, objects to brighten your life for years to come. Collector’s items made for everyday life.

About our name: Koloni is the Swedish word for allotment -the small garden plots used where city folk can grow berries, vegetables and flowers. Everything we design at Koloni could either be found in an allotment or could be useful there.